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Fill out all of the fields below to get a free consultation from an expert at Peregrine Computer Consultants. Not only will you get some great advice from technicians (not sales people) but we'll send you a great multi-tool.1


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Include any relevant information such as:
  • What SA version are you using? and on what operating system?

  • How are you using SA? (amavis, milter, Mailscanner, procmail, Fuglu, etc)

  • Are you using SA on a PC/notebook or on a server?

  • What plugins are you using? (Razor, Pyzor, DCC, etc)

  • Are you using any RBLs? (at SMTP level, only SA's lookups, etc)

  • Are you using any additional rulesets?

  • Are you using a local, non forwarding, DNS resolver/caching server?

  • Are you using per-user or site wide Bayes?

  • What Bayes backend are you using? (default, SDBM, SQL, Redis, etc)

  • Are you handling mail for a company, personal email, or ISP?

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By submitting this form, you are giving PCCC permission to contact you in regards to your Anti-Spam needs. As Anti-Spam experts, one of our basic goals is to avoid any and all unwanted emails. Therefore, we will contact you solely regarding the submission you make, and your contact information will be used for no other purposes.

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